Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell
Bout legal matters that tend to dwell
In the heart of the system and the laws that bind
Here are some mysteries that you need to find

First up, let’s talk about farm lease agreements, they’re crucial indeed
When it comes to legal ways for farms to succeed
And for all you folks in London town
Legal vacation schemes are something you should be bound

But hold on tight, cause there’s more to this tale
LA County’s got a story, and it’s no fairytale
Supplemental property tax bills – now that’s a mouthful to say
But understanding it is key to not losing your way

For all my peeps in the Philippines, listen up real good
Law seminars in 2023 – that’s where you should shoot
And for fathers out there seeking custody rights
Legal help for fathers is what you’ll need in sight

Now, let’s move on to visas and work abroad
Ireland work visa docs will get you on board
In the legal world, there’s the cube square law
Understanding the implications is what you need to draw

Contraction, expansion, what do these terms mean?
Legal examples will make your understanding keen
And finally, when it comes to employee illness and more
Reporting agreements will even the score

So there you have it, a journey through the legal maze
These mysteries and more will keep you amazed
The law is complex, but understanding is key
So keep exploring, and unravel the mystery