Yo, listen up, let’s talk about laws
Public space laws are the cause
But can text messages be in court?
Used as evidence, what’s the retort?
Moving on, let’s quilt a pattern for free
Gentlemen’s agreement, come and see
Photography laws and regulations, what’s the deal?
Business requirements, and legal appeal
Next up, legal separation in KY
Cost and process, don’t be shy
Legal opinion drafting, who’s the expert here?
Drafting services, have no fear
No response equals agreement in an email
Legal policy, easy to unveil
Employee confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement
Legal experts, at your engagement
Phase 1 trade agreement with China, what’s the fuss?
What you need to know, no need to cuss
Lastly, pan card rules, it’s a must
Everything you need to know, trust!